all i want for christmas is…US

Just a few days ago a 90-year-old man was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for openly serving some vital vittles to the city’s homeless community. 90 years old! If you watch the video you’ll see that he can’t even stand up straight or keep his hands from the perpetual old-guy shake and they arrested him. Because it’s against the law in Ft. L to feed the homeless in public and I’m asking you this literal question now: Has there ever been a more ludicrous law in all the known worlds? [ read more... ]

for the dreamers + an original art piece giveaway!

It was dark o’clock in the morning and the atmosphere in our bedroom tasted like frost on the colonial-old and cold windowpanes and a glance through the glass from the heat of our bed revealed a fresh coat of snow covering the sidewalks and streets in inches of crystallized white. This is a story from last January, but I still remember the rise and fall and rhythm of the narrative as if I’m living it today: The dawn is rising at my back and the last of the evening stars are fading deep in [ read more... ]

if oprah asked me

“The Life You Want Weekend” is hopping around and happening in various cities across our country right now–from Atlanta to Detroit to D.C., with several locations in between and before–what I imagine will be–a climatic finish in San Jose, California. This arena-sized event is produced and presented by Oprah Winfrey and from what I can discern through the promotional material, she designed this grandscale tour with the intention and hope of empowering the attendees with enough inspirational [ read more... ]

sinking deep into “what i want”

It’s still dark and 48 degrees outside when Austin and I roll off the flesh-warmed mattress and take our less than fully awake bodies downstairs. He starts a fire in the fireplace and I put on the kettle to boil water for his coffee and my tea. This is how we start every day--just him and me and the quiet and our cups and books and litanies and shared space; soul to soul and what a gift to make enough room for this relationship-sustaining rhythm. We are total besties. He reads Common Prayer [ read more... ]

where was somebody? (to Ferguson, with love)

{Photo credit :: Scott Olson} I was sitting cross-legged and so relaxed in the cracked leather chair at my favorite cafe on Orange Street, sharing lunch and meaningful life with a good good girl friend. We were talking of triumph and struggles and cosmic Love and every now and again between the sentences being spilled from our souls, I would shift my neck; take turns looking full in her wonderful face and looking out the window glass and watching the next customer come through the entrance. And [ read more... ]