just touch them!

“One day in Gubbio, a woman with severely deformed hands ran up to St. Francis. “Just touch them!” she pleaded as she raised her misshapen hands to him. Francis clasped her hands in his, gently moved his fingers over hers, and she was healed. What do you think she did next? What any Italian woman would do. She used her restored hands to cook. She went off and baked a cheesecake for Francis. He ate some of it and sent the rest back to her family.” ---From Mystics and Miracles by Bert Ghezzi ||| I [ read more... ]

an open letter to new years – a guest post by shea petaja

I have known her since the day I was born and she has been by my side ever since, even though we live 900 miles away from each other. She texted me last Monday to say: "I'm in Florida, at a retirement community with ample time to write. Give me a prompt please." And I replied with these five words: "The hard road to beautiful". She accepted my challenge and two days later I received an email, which she permissioned me to publish here. Then I remembered that a year ago she wrote a guest [ read more... ]

we wish you

We wish you and yours all the happy, all the merry, all the joy this holiday season. Love, The Morrisons. {Photos taken by my best girl, Rachel, from Resting Roost. If you live in the CT area and need some amazing images, you can contact her through her website!} [ read more... ]

nothing less than a love affair

Advent does something different to me: Messes my insides up; makes goo from my guts; urges me out of bed in the deep of night to sit with darkness and silence and tears I don’t understand;  leaves me with an ache of want so big I sense I could expire from it. The striped chair in the living room is a witness to my watering and wanting, to the fiery clamp of my palms on both armrests. To the veins growing hot in my neck. Do you feel what I feel? “Coming” means to me that the cosmos [ read more... ]

all i want for christmas is…US

Just a few days ago a 90-year-old man was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for openly serving some vital vittles to the city’s homeless community. 90 years old! If you watch the video you’ll see that he can’t even stand up straight or keep his hands from the perpetual old-guy shake and they arrested him. Because it’s against the law in Ft. L to feed the homeless in public and I’m asking you this literal question now: Has there ever been a more ludicrous law in all the known worlds? [ read more... ]