if oprah asked me

“The Life You Want Weekend” is hopping around and happening in various cities across our country right now–from Atlanta to Detroit to D.C., with several locations in between and before–what I imagine will be–a climatic finish in San Jose, California. This arena-sized event is produced and presented by Oprah Winfrey and from what I can discern through the promotional material, she designed this grandscale tour with the intention and hope of empowering the attendees with enough inspirational [ read more... ]

sinking deep into “what i want”

It’s still dark and 48 degrees outside when Austin and I roll off the flesh-warmed mattress and take our less than fully awake bodies downstairs. He starts a fire in the fireplace and I put on the kettle to boil water for his coffee and my tea. This is how we start every day--just him and me and the quiet and our cups and books and litanies and shared space; soul to soul and what a gift to make enough room for this relationship-sustaining rhythm. We are total besties. He reads Common Prayer [ read more... ]

where was somebody? (to Ferguson, with love)

{Photo credit :: Scott Olson} I was sitting cross-legged and so relaxed in the cracked leather chair at my favorite cafe on Orange Street, sharing lunch and meaningful life with a good good girl friend. We were talking of triumph and struggles and cosmic Love and every now and again between the sentences being spilled from our souls, I would shift my neck; take turns looking full in her wonderful face and looking out the window glass and watching the next customer come through the entrance. And [ read more... ]

atlas girl + giveaway!

Well, honk my hooters! This here be my first giveaway ever!!! On second thought...maybe let's not honk my hooters. Just thinking about honks and hooters is giving this girl flashbacks from 1999 and my teenage trip to India. Said flashbacks are happening because of that one time I went to visit Mother Teresa's home for the mentally ill and chose to be the MOST excited member of our missional team. Which means: I had to be the FIRST person to get let through the giant metal gates the staff opened for [ read more... ]

#scotus and other stuff

I wrote this status update on my Facebook wall last week: I've been getting up at 4am every morning so I can get THE BOOK done before the end of Sept. Which means that I don't have a social life and I go to bed before your mom's mom's mom's great-great-grandmother who's dead times infinity plus calculus. What?!?! I'M SO TIRED I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING WHICH MUST BE WHY I'M YELLING IN CAPS! Send prayers and pixie dust and good juju and caffeine. Actually, scratch the caffeine part. My [ read more... ]