the offensive truth

“To the natural eye it looks like the relative strength of two armies fighting on the battlefield determines the outcome of the battle. But the eye of faith should see that this outcome is much more affected by a man standing on a hill raising his arms in prayer (Ex. 17:8-13). Faith understands that the fate of nations may hinge more on whether a kingdom person is praying than the decisions of its leaders (Ezek. 22:29-31).” --Greg Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation Last week I posted a [ read more... ]

let us not forget our enemies, also known as: brothers

When the news broke yesterday that 21 Egyptians were beheaded by ISIS for being “people of the cross” and this picture circulated with headlines everywhere, I found myself thrust into the bosom of sorrow; my unhardened heart was--and still is--laid open upon the ground, bleeding. And my prayers came free and barely above a whisper because how does one even speak when confronted with an image of brother against brother, cold blade to warm flesh? The tears weren’t mine to control. They [ read more... ]

just touch them!

“One day in Gubbio, a woman with severely deformed hands ran up to St. Francis. “Just touch them!” she pleaded as she raised her misshapen hands to him. Francis clasped her hands in his, gently moved his fingers over hers, and she was healed. What do you think she did next? What any Italian woman would do. She used her restored hands to cook. She went off and baked a cheesecake for Francis. He ate some of it and sent the rest back to her family.” ---From Mystics and Miracles by Bert Ghezzi ||| I [ read more... ]

an open letter to new years – a guest post by shea petaja

I have known her since the day I was born and she has been by my side ever since, even though we live 900 miles away from each other. She texted me last Monday to say: "I'm in Florida, at a retirement community with ample time to write. Give me a prompt please." And I replied with these five words: "The hard road to beautiful". She accepted my challenge and two days later I received an email, which she permissioned me to publish here. Then I remembered that a year ago she wrote a guest [ read more... ]

we wish you

We wish you and yours all the happy, all the merry, all the joy this holiday season. Love, The Morrisons. {Photos taken by my best girl, Rachel, from Resting Roost. If you live in the CT area and need some amazing images, you can contact her through her website!} [ read more... ]