atlas girl + giveaway!

Well, honk my hooters! This here be my first giveaway ever!!! On second thought...maybe let's not honk my hooters. Just thinking about honks and hooters is giving this girl flashbacks from 1999 and my teenage trip to India. Said flashbacks are happening because of that one time I went to visit Mother Teresa's home for the mentally ill and chose to be the MOST excited member of our missional team. Which means: I had to be the FIRST person to get let through the giant metal gates the staff opened for [ read more... ]

#scotus and other stuff

I wrote this status update on my Facebook wall last week: I've been getting up at 4am every morning so I can get THE BOOK done before the end of Sept. Which means that I don't have a social life and I go to bed before your mom's mom's mom's great-great-grandmother who's dead times infinity plus calculus. What?!?! I'M SO TIRED I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING WHICH MUST BE WHY I'M YELLING IN CAPS! Send prayers and pixie dust and good juju and caffeine. Actually, scratch the caffeine part. My [ read more... ]

i won’t guard my nothing

I don’t know where he sleeps when it’s been raining and his bed is awfully wet, but every other morning when I’m out taking my daily constitutional along the river I see him curled horizontal-style on the park bench with his [supposedly] second-hand boots hanging sideways off the edge and his shabby jacket pulled up to the crown of his unkempt head. I wish I could see his face uncovered because I know he’s an Image-bearer whether he believes it or not. And whether he believes it or not, [ read more... ]

be in the world, but not of it

{Image by Janine via Flickr “Be in the world, but not of it”, they said and as a little girl I always thought this decree translated into an external exhibition of holier than thee and holier than thou and holier than you too. Somewhere and somehow along the way, I perceived from my faith tradition that looking the flawless part was most important so the world would see how good we all are, then the great lost THEY would come in droves to praise our Father in heaven. This is most certainly [ read more... ]

what is the point?

{Image by Ken McCown} They each have a cushion on the couch, lined up like a trio of human ducklings while watching a documentary for our homeschool enrichment studies. I’m seated on an ottoman just a little in front and to the left - these are important details, obviously not. But what’s actually important is the intention I put forward whenever we choose any kind of film to see together. While “da Bubs” might absorb the presented story at a surface level, my mind is working double time [ read more... ]