a [video] gamers prayer

{You can read the reason for this prayer by clicking HERE.} "Holy Spirit. I invite your presence to surround and hold me close right now...and from this held-close,  next-to-me place, would Your breath blow over my body from top to bottom--cleansing my energy, renewing my mind, creating in me a clean heart and re-awakening my eyes to the mysteries and wonders of the world around me. While I may spend some of my time building digital worlds on a computer screen, let me not forget the great, [ read more... ]

you made me look at you

{All photos by Scott Wade.} Do you know this about me? That my soul is sensitive to the happenings behind the physical scenes; the goings-on in the Spirit world? That I live intentionally spread out and up--one half of me reaching to the heaven-place and the other half rooted in the world-place and while I’m stretched here like a tree, I’ll touch the molecules of the celestial and the atoms of the earth. I’ll touch those atoms and molecules and pull them together until they give meaning [ read more... ]

when it was a gala for good

{All photos by Lisa Daly} Sometimes I write certain stories and I wonder if I’m too much for people. I wonder because sometimes I’m too much for myself and I get embarrassed by my own feelings and expressions. This is one of those stories that makes me feel foolish and exposed and I was tempted not to publish it, but something about keeping it to myself seems even more foolish. Now you know--if you didn’t already--that I bring the deepest parts of myself to you and hope that as Frederick [ read more... ]

where do you begin? (and where do you end?)

{Image curated by the brilliant humane} In July of 2000 when we got married, I was the ripe old age of 19 and he was a seasoned 24. Six months later I found out there was a baby in my belly not on purpose, then shortly later another baby got in my belly not on purpose, then even less shortly later another baby got in my belly not on purpose. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: SOMEbody needs to check the date on their birth control!!! But, I promise you that nothing short [ read more... ]

catty wampus and the invisible organization

{Photo caught by the "Lion Man"} I’m not surprised that I'm hurting on the insides or that my equilibrium is catty wampus. I’ve caught myself wandering through the rooms of my home in something of a culture shock trance and nothing seems to lessen the literal stabbing ache in my rib bone region or the feeling that I am out to sea without a boat on a moonless, starless, navigation-less night. I read a nonsense book all day yesterday to keep me from feeling things for a bit because I needed [ read more... ]