Adoption: An EPIC Update

The 200-year-old wood floor is unyielding beneath my bent legs; I'm writing this one from my knees, neck and fingers arched low and right now I have the kind of body that makes big Spirit-noise. Listen . . . God has something in His sleeve and thread by thread He's pulling that sleeve back and the small amounts of His skin being revealed chokes me up and falls me down. Soon we're going to see the whole cosmic arm stretched before us and behind us and moving earth with giant sweeping motions to [ read more... ]

a beginning to something ::

I see them in my spirit-eye, hundreds of little flesh-people pinging around inside an institution; the state is their legal guardian, a paperwork file their goodnight blanket and it should never be so. Their heart-lanterns are barely lit, the dust is heavy in their chests and who will wipe off the masks they wear and give them lessons in flight? {via tumblr, specific source unknown} After 300 and some odd days of adoption prayers launching off our lips and just as many days of savoring the desire [ read more... ]

Life Lately

In Adoption: This week past we shared fellowship with some friends who have travelled deep into the heart of adoption. Their arms are so wide-open and their hearts even more with the loving of two Littles from across the globe. We went to them with our story, how we came to be at this unexpected place and where on earth do we go from here (?) and heaven smiled on our coming together and exploring regardless of the outcome - there is no prescription in this process. But the thing I carried home right [ read more... ]

Wherein My Heart Changes – Part 2

For those of you who might have missed it, the following post is a continuum from Wherein My Heart Changes. Everyone got a grip on their girdles? I could prolong the agony and make you wait until the end of the post for the big reveal, but I'm not like the people who are like that. I can't keep anything inside. In fact, sometimes when folks hear things come out of my mouth, it's the first time I'm hearing it too. Which is just a fancy way of saying that occasionally I don't think before I speak. [ read more... ]

Wherein My Heart Changes

The last of the training wheels came off this spring. Three Dudes are growing up fast and my heart is constricting hard. Because, the thing is, it was only yesterday that I was snuggling their baby-chub and inhaling their new-skin scent. My womb was so young - by today's standards - when it harbored and grew three babies in three years. Littlest One arrived before my 24th rotation around the sun and I didn't know what the hell I was doing, but I gave my best. I still tell people that I have very [ read more... ]