Deck Your Heart

Right now? I’ve got nothing else to offer this space full of Deeper readers then my Advent heart. I am completely consumed by “coming” and would you sit where you are long enough to watch me pour myself all over an ancient manger? Pour myself out even though the thought of giving you my heart feels at least 6 million kinds of vulnerable, as if I were the one spreading my legs for all the world to see while pushing the crown of God’s head into the hay. But, if ever there is time and space [ read more... ]

What I’m Hungry For

Will you hear what I am hungry for? How I can eat moments like my first and last and only meal? Moments. Moments of stillness and quiet, with just enough length to take an extra breath, speak a gentle "I'm here, Abba" and be mindful that behind the air I inhale is another galaxy of meaning and mystery - it's heaven waiting in the wings for the sprinkling of God-children spread all over the earth to bring a piece of the celestial into earth-time. (Try it and see . . . With just one beautiful, [ read more... ]

Christmas Contemplations

"How deep can we go, sweet Jesus-Christ?" This is not just my Christmas prayer, but I ask it very much stronger this time of year. And every moment of Advent-to-Christmas is a choice morsel and I am eating as full as I can. With tears and great laughter and my tongue rolling around all the flavors of a Newborn and why, again, did You come like this? The question is rhetorical, but must be said for the ache of not being able to wrap my head around such an un-tame and ludicrous fairytale; a Love [ read more... ]

If Ever

Thanksgiving is over and gone, celebrated with family and high feasting and burgundy drinking and kids up before the sun to cross-country ski their fledgling legs across fields of diamond-white brilliance in the Vermont Green Mountain National Forest landscape. If ever a parents heart is full, it is when the offspring come in stomping snow, red-cheeked and puffing with eyes that twinkle, twinkle like little stars with so much alive-ness it's pouring out their skin, they've just done something worth [ read more... ]