12 Years and Why Are We Married Again?

There once was this man who bent himself over our married-feet and prophesied that thousands and thousands would gather around our married-love, but we didn't have much time to reflect on his seer-like vision because shorter then a month later our love shattered into a million little shard-sharp pieces. Oh. Well . . . we didn't see that coming. And our married-eyes still look back and marvel that we decided---in spite of ourselves and our choices and our circumstances---that neither of us was "going" [ read more... ]

Profile: My Him

Christened: Robert Austin Morrison, but most folks call him "Austin". I call him whatever's closest to my heart at the time. I wrote this one post about him and he consistently makes an appearance in other stories here, but I just be having the itch to tell y'all again . . . he's achingly and strikingly special. He's special with a torrent of good adjectives and everyone who knows him, says so. Our dear friend who lives across the pond in London-town (a more unlikely Anglican priest you will [ read more... ]

Wherein He {Still} Makes Music

It's the sweetest sound, really. And I can hear it everyday if I'm sitting in just the right spot at just the right time . . . When I first laid my 17-year-young-eyes on all 6 foot 3 inches of unbridled male virility, I dove, DOVE I tell you, into love. (Which is just a way more dramatic method of "falling" in love.) All I remember thinking was, "ME WANT. UGG." I might've even beat a fist against my chest once or twice. (I don't usually exhibit neanderthal qualities . . . I swear.) To my further [ read more... ]

Long Miles And Family Funnies

We road-tripped it to the south side of the Mason-Dixon line, leaving at 4am on a Friday morning because our 3 wee hooligans begged us to depart while it was still black out, exclaiming that adventure is better when you're up before the sun. (Like, duh!!!) We conceded to their enthusiasm for an un-godly exit for our own reasons . . .  I mean, WHO, I ask you, wants to drive through NYC and across the GW Bridge during rush hour? Adrenaline for the kids, caffeine for the adults, we travelled through [ read more... ]

Go North

Can I just show you a few pictures from the paradise of our summer holiday? They can't do the wonder of the real thing much justice, but your heart might just stop anyway - or in the words of my son Seth, "That just opened my heart." Of course I would leave home without my good camera, so I bring you "Heaven's Front Porch" via Instagram . . . Do you see ALL that water? It's UN-salted. Can you imagine such vast freshness - without another shoreline in sight? It feels like you're looking [ read more... ]