Roger And Our Dirty Skin

I would love to show you a photo of old Roger so you could see what I see: that he's just the most beautiful. His leather-like face is thickly etched with time-lines, his hair is unhygienic, lousy . . . his skin wears pockmarks and blackheads like some woman wear pearls and polka dots. He doesn't have any top teeth that I can see beyond his overgrown mustache and whew! if he doesn't smell like an unwashed decade. He wears baggy velour track pants, three jackets, scars across his heart and no [ read more... ]

Not Your Average Will

Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty? (This filmĀ about a narcissistic, ego-centric, ungrateful, pessimistic, money-hungry guy who has an encounter with God that changes his life.) Our three boys were watching it a few weeks ago in the backseat of the car while we travelled Rt. 80 through the pastoral hues of western PA toward our family holiday destination. And even though I couldn't see the screen from the front passenger seat and only listened to the scenes with half an ear while reading [ read more... ]

If Ever

Thanksgiving is over and gone, celebrated with family and high feasting and burgundy drinking and kids up before the sun to cross-country ski their fledgling legs across fields of diamond-white brilliance in the Vermont Green Mountain National Forest landscape. If ever a parents heart is full, it is when the offspring come in stomping snow, red-cheeked and puffing with eyes that twinkle, twinkle like little stars with so much alive-ness it's pouring out their skin, they've just done something worth [ read more... ]

Wherein My Heart Changes – Part 2

For those of you who might have missed it, the following post is a continuum from Wherein My Heart Changes. Everyone got a grip on their girdles? I could prolong the agony and make you wait until the end of the post for the big reveal, but I'm not like the people who are like that. I can't keep anything inside. In fact, sometimes when folks hear things come out of my mouth, it's the first time I'm hearing it too. Which is just a fancy way of saying that occasionally I don't think before I speak. [ read more... ]