I Beg To Differ

Come in close with me for a moment? I’m in a gentle, whispering sort of mood and I have some thoughts to give and questions I would ask all you feelers and thinkers and lovers. My questions are the coffeehouse or fire pit variety, the kind that get asked when we can look through the steam or across the flames and find, above all things, the value-code writ into each other’s faces. 1. Do you think God knew we would interpret the gospel 7 billion different ways before sunrise on Sunday? (My sense [ read more... ]

When A Cross-Dresser Meets An Off-Key Kumbayah

I quit all service-related activities this past summer when I burned out. And I haven't been back at them since. But the thing is, when you go too long with your heart-values being unrequited, something different---but equally damaging---happens: your heart starts to choke on your own values because they just keep sitting there, stacking up inside you. Until they come so high you can nearly taste them crawling inch by inch up the back of your throat, suffocating you for their need to be [ read more... ]

Why I’m Going Back To Church

"If I obey Jesus Christ in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the face of God." ~Oswald Chambers Hi. My name is Erika Lynn Morrison. I have been intentionally engaged with the activity and developement of a post-congregational Christian community for the last 13 years of my life and I say it to you like a confession lest I forget that this expression was the bosom at which my faith nursed - where the Spirit cradled my transformation through daylight [ read more... ]

we are {all of us} hungry for more then bread

There is a church I go to, it gathers in the under-belly of another church and can be accessed thru the back entrance and a flight of stairs going down. Before the Tuesday night doors even open, there is always a long, uneven flesh-line trailing along the gum-dropped sidewalk and this waiting humanity? They are so hungry for bread. I am hungry for Bread, too, so I go to serve at the soup kitchen because He is always there waiting to feed His shadow-people. He is always there, bigger and fuller and [ read more... ]

It Takes A Village

There lives a group of people who have put up with me for the last twelve years. I’ve put up with them, too, because we decided early on that one of our mutual values would have to be perseverance if we wanted any chance at “making it” through thick and thin. “Thick and thin” puts it rather mildly, I suppose, in terms of what life was really like as a community of people who wanted to make a difference with each other, the city we lived in and ultimately for the Greater Kingdom’s sake. [ read more... ]