When A Community Has Cancer

Here I am. And I've been real quiet haven't I? I've been real quiet because I've been real hurting and I haven't known how to quantify the real pain into real words. Because she called me on a Saturday when the biggest winter blizzard in decades was blowing over our heads and through her intuitive tears told me she had found a lump in her breast. And just like that my heart fell down to the floor because this is the girl whose soul is stitched into my rib bones and we share every little atom [ read more... ]

Why I’m Going Back To Church

"If I obey Jesus Christ in the seemingly random circumstances of life, they become pinholes through which I see the face of God." ~Oswald Chambers Hi. My name is Erika Lynn Morrison. I have been intentionally engaged with the activity and developement of a post-congregational Christian community for the last 13 years of my life and I say it to you like a confession lest I forget that this expression was the bosom at which my faith nursed - where the Spirit cradled my transformation through daylight [ read more... ]

Celebrate ::

The New Year in our New Haven assemblage of friends and kin, does not come quietly. We are a loud, bawdy and raucous lot of (S)pirit-drinking, foot-stomping, arm-pumping, heart-panting, dancing, freak show of revelers---unbridled in the conveying of our festive selves . . . ::: There is a warm, fluid reverence cruising through my blooded-veins while I slip my legs into the sheer-grey New Year's tights and apply the party-going lipstick. In the bedroom, before the full-length mirror, I'm swaying [ read more... ]

It Takes A Village

There lives a group of people who have put up with me for the last twelve years. I’ve put up with them, too, because we decided early on that one of our mutual values would have to be perseverance if we wanted any chance at “making it” through thick and thin. “Thick and thin” puts it rather mildly, I suppose, in terms of what life was really like as a community of people who wanted to make a difference with each other, the city we lived in and ultimately for the Greater Kingdom’s sake. [ read more... ]

What’s In A Name?

"I believe that by God's grace it is our destiny, in this life or in whatever life awaits us, to discover the face of our inmost being, to become at last and at great cost who we truly are." ~ Frederick Buechner We went to the Stony Creek shore, my girl Jenni and I, and sat down at the scarred wooden table outside the breakfast and pizza shop, next to the antique store. This is the quintessential New England setting by the sea and the two of us take these bits-of-time every chance we can [ read more... ]