On Being Hijacked

Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! HI!!! HI!!! HI!!! Just short of three weeks since I've been here and did you miss me?! :) :::: Listen . . . I have so much to tell you and the fire I feel inside is burning a hole straight through my chest, trying to get out before the whole of me goes up in flame. It's just that the challenge will be in the delivery because not in a very long time have I felt so utterly engulfed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and when a body is this full with THE [ read more... ]

Wherein Things Don’t Go As Planned

I had plans for today. Nothing grandiose, mind you, but I had hoped it would go according to my will. The week behind included all 3  young hooligans taking turns with a violent vomit virus, one houseguest swinging in for a visit and Memorial Day celebrations. Consecutive to the craziness, yesterday was spent catching up on housework, bills and errands just so today could be free for me to take the day slow, enjoy the Little-ins', drink tea and write the 2nd part to the cliffhanger I left you [ read more... ]