Not Your Average Will

Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty? (This film about a narcissistic, ego-centric, ungrateful, pessimistic, money-hungry guy who has an encounter with God that changes his life.) Our three boys were watching it a few weeks ago in the backseat of the car while we travelled Rt. 80 through the pastoral hues of western PA toward our family holiday destination. And even though I couldn't see the screen from the front passenger seat and only listened to the scenes with half an ear while reading [ read more... ]

Intimacy In All Things ::

Initially it felt like a bit of a deviation for me, this next post. But, I reflected a little further and a little longer and wasn't surprised in the end to discover that my next muse did indeed harmonize beautifully and fully with what it means for me to intentionally {and hopefully} craft all dimenions of life into fine, fine art. Now that I'm done being cryptic, would you care to wander over to Deeper Story  {} today and find out what I've been writing about?! I'd love to have [ read more... ]

forgive me Father for i have exploited your Son

Let me tell you a story about a girl who is sometimes cynical, sometimes judgmental, sometimes narrow and harsh . . . always repentant. I recently returned from a Christian conference and have been sorting through a variety of emotions since. In my one hand I hold close and dear the memories of high and holy moments where collective love and celebration were given and received; where mutual understanding, kindred-heart sharing and vitally deep soul-connection was gifted and returned. There was [ read more... ]

Why I Don’t Go To Church

Dear Reader, Your question - the one about church and "why go?" - has stayed suspended in my molecular space and will not leave for the life of me. And I've been ruminating, rolling the query over and around. Now it sits, just there, a small burden in my belly. Because the thing is, I don't believe that all Christians should go to church, but I absolutely believe, from every angle of my feeble heart, that all Christians need to do Church . . . *** Today I'm over at Deeper Story [ read more... ]

A Question Of Judgment

Hello Friends! Today I am over at Deeper Story talking about--drum roll please---JUDGMENT. Egads! This was the most excruciating post I have ever written. I'm still shivering. But, if you travelled on over and left your two cents, it might make me feel all better. ;) Love, Erika [ read more... ]