I Was Born With Them

We partook of a high and holy ceremony this past weekend, two of our dear friends made their marriage vows under an ancient sprawled-out tree at a Lancaster, Pennsylvania winery and the sun was descending at just the right time for the rays to break through and shine between all the branches. The whole scene was lit-to-bursting with Glory Be. After their pledging sacrament, we celebrated here on earth the way we imagined God and all the angels were partying on the other side of the veil. But---NO [ read more... ]

Senses Shared :: Count the Crocuses

Just this: A wonderful, fruit-bearing practice of awareness named "Senses Shared" is touring around the internet. My dearest friend, :: Rain ::, tipped me towards it when I read THIS post of hers a few days back and I decided to give it a whirl. Read: The gospel of John 13.23,25 - "The disciple Jesus loved was reclining next to Jesus . . . He leaned back on Jesus' breast." God, this makes me the hungry kind of jealous. You know? Because John was right there, pressed against cosmic heartbeat [ read more... ]

keepin’ up with my “Y”-okels ::

What you are about to see defies common sense . . . and this little law of nature we like to call gravity. But I says to myself, "God didn't give me boys so I could sit in the sidelines while they experience all the dangerous kind of fun." So this old dog put her hand in a bag of tricks and pulled out a ripstick and learned how to "street surf" just to keep up with the dude-like offspring {and their hunk-a-licious, yummy and delicious dude-like daddy}. Besides that, I couldn't endure these Y-gene [ read more... ]

Weekends Are For . . .

Low Country Boils When you want to have a 30th birthday crawfish-boil-party for your Arkansas friend, but "mudbugs" are out of season, you make do with a Low Country Boil. I can hear ya'll saying "YUM". Happy Birthday Slate. We sure do LOOOOOOOVE you!!!               Remembering We put life in the ground to honor the death of a little two year old boy from our neighborhood who died in his sleep this past spring. There is no explanation. [ read more... ]

The Always Sky

It never gets old: the always sky, life's everyday-different backdrop. With a double rainbow behind our backs and this cloud creation before our front, we drove into the burgeoning weather to greet our camping destination, to greet our weekend memory-making. We assembled our outdoor pop-up homes in torrential sky-waters, laughing at the irony, embracing the adventure, watching five young dudes running as mad as their legs could propel them and yelling their barbarian lungs heavenward to bring [ read more... ]