I Was Born With Them

We partook of a high and holy ceremony this past weekend, two of our dear friends made their marriage vows under an ancient sprawled-out tree at a Lancaster, Pennsylvania winery and the sun was descending at just the right time for the rays to break through and shine between all the branches. The whole scene was lit-to-bursting with Glory Be. After their pledging sacrament, we celebrated here on earth the way we imagined God and all the angels were partying on the other side of the veil. But---NO [ read more... ]

I Am My Children’s Priest(ess)

It was the first thing I did when we started our at-home learning this year, I grabbed their three fledgling hearts and circled them with me on the living room rug and then my mama-body just had all these exhort-emotions lifting up from the soul and I spoke them strong and softly fierce-like over their growing heads---purposed Spirit-words that I don't even exactly remember now, but truly carried the essence and flavor of inspiring these God-sons into becoming more of who they are. Next to all [ read more... ]

how to know your heart

Let me tell you something about our boy, Gabriel. He harbors so much wilderness in his heart, it pours right over his aorta walls and floods through all his veins. I think he's part feral beast. Everyday he eats the rustic and all-things-nature like it's his final feast. This kid could live in the woods with nothing more then a hatchet and a bearskin and his fierce native cry. Dirt is his very favorite thing to wear and he actually swallows worms and grubs in preparation for any situation [ read more... ]

A Black Friday Reflection

Their small hearts are so big with compassion and generosity and I pray so good that I can fan to brighter flame the holy emotions that already flicker inside them . . . Love is cross-stiched straight through little-boy, God-pumping aorta and when they get the World Vision Sustainable Gift Catalog in the mail, my little-flesh-shoots come whooping from the front-porch-postbox with manly excitement and all 3 fast-talkers are shouting over each other. They beg me again, this year, if we can bake [ read more... ]

Quotable Family

"It is such a great thing to wake up and look over at you . . . I love you Erika!"  ~ Austin I heard his quiet leaving before the sun-up, the early-waking-working-man slips around like a ninja collecting clothes and various bits for the day. He's gone and I stretch out full across the bed and miss his warmth . . . I miss his warmth just until the text message ring comes to my phone and his love words greet my still sleepy vision, "It is such a great thing to wake up and look over at you . . [ read more... ]