my heart wasn’t made for this.

There are times when I feel like all the seeing and knowing and hearing and reading . . . all the immediate access we have to everything in the world at the same time can't be good for our wee God-woven hearts? And to top it off we have a veritable highway of opinion and commentary for the entirety of it. And this million-lane-wide-opinion-highway is without speed limits or traffic violations or ticket-writing-police and there are engines burning at 8000 rpm's and can someone please let me off [ read more... ]

Snow ::

The snow finally came this Saturday past after very much yearning and praying and watching from the little-lad division of our family tribe. But, you know? Right next to their sides I would squeeze up and I would press my face to the shivering glass, sing a prayer-sonnet or ode-to-snow and stare with such great hope that the sky would start dropping white magic over our land. And when it came 12" thick? I was born that day. Again. Because snow always feels like grace to my courtesan-heart [ read more... ]