Life Lately

In Adoption: This week past we shared fellowship with some friends who have travelled deep into the heart of adoption. Their arms are so wide-open and their hearts even more with the loving of two Littles from across the globe. We went to them with our story, how we came to be at this unexpected place and where on earth do we go from here (?) and heaven smiled on our coming together and exploring regardless of the outcome - there is no prescription in this process. But the thing I carried home right [ read more... ]

Wherein My Heart Changes

The last of the training wheels came off this spring. Three Dudes are growing up fast and my heart is constricting hard. Because, the thing is, it was only yesterday that I was snuggling their baby-chub and inhaling their new-skin scent. My womb was so young - by today's standards - when it harbored and grew three babies in three years. Littlest One arrived before my 24th rotation around the sun and I didn't know what the hell I was doing, but I gave my best. I still tell people that I have very [ read more... ]