Roger And Our Dirty Skin

I would love to show you a photo of old Roger so you could see what I see: that he's just the most beautiful. His leather-like face is thickly etched with time-lines, his hair is unhygienic, lousy . . . his skin wears pockmarks and blackheads like some woman wear pearls and polka dots. He doesn't have any top teeth that I can see beyond his overgrown mustache and whew! if he doesn't smell like an unwashed decade. He wears baggy velour track pants, three jackets, scars across his heart and no [ read more... ]

I need you too. Will you believe it?

Our family tribe spent Saturday morning at a local food pantry handing out groceries and smiling real big and playing with kids in the "children's corner" (did you know that homeless and low-income people have little ones too?). Three hours of mingling with the "bottom dwellers" and the whole experience was messy and undignified and inappropriate. People spilled their coffee and clogged the toilets and made a general atrocity of the church's basement. It was loud and very un-white-like in the epidermis [ read more... ]

Jesus Had Blue Eyes (or, “Plus One”)

Listen . . . Let me tell you a deeper story, lest we forget why we are here in this naked place, where we value hard the speak that comes not from our shallow parts, but from the truth of our trenches. It came one day out of the hunger in our bellies, an idea - a way for us to weave gladness and love and other fruit-like things into the spiritual fabric of our city. We thought it might be a small idea, something just for our family to do, but who knows? Maybe it can be big and weave bright [ read more... ]

Imperfect Prose: We Are The Same

I went to serve on a Tuesday at the soup kitchen and I imagine when I am there that the marriage supper of the Lamb would look something like this, with the one-armed toothless vagrants and the hobos and misfits and hand-shivering junkies. An array of humanity, broken on all sides and coming with their hungry bellies (never mind their hearts) and their absolute appreciation for crumbs. They are in search of the bread and water to save them from the pain in their stomachs. They are in search of [ read more... ]