Wherein He {Still} Makes Music

It's the sweetest sound, really. And I can hear it everyday if I'm sitting in just the right spot at just the right time . . . When I first laid my 17-year-young-eyes on all 6 foot 3 inches of unbridled male virility, I dove, DOVE I tell you, into love. (Which is just a way more dramatic method of "falling" in love.) All I remember thinking was, "ME WANT. UGG." I might've even beat a fist against my chest once or twice. (I don't usually exhibit neanderthal qualities . . . I swear.) To my further [ read more... ]

11 Years And Counting

He looks at me with glistening vision, a quiver to his lips . . . My man, his heart is so soft on this 11th year remembrance of our marriage sacrament. "Erika, I love who we are and who we've become and where we are going . . . " His voice with the emotion turns me tender and just like that we are crying together for the wonder of still walking hand in hand as one when an unseen perfidy would have torn us into two. But, we are together. TOGETHER!!! Right there with the tears come the heart-rising [ read more... ]