A Movie Pick For A Holy Week

I was going to wait for the DVD, but I'm so very glad I didn't . . . The movie choice was left to my girlfriend, it was her birthday and it was my treat. The Conspirator was at the top of her list and at the bottom of mine. Normally I would have been bit-chomping to see a period film - I heart period films BIG time - but Rotten Tomatoes had only rated it a 55% - which equals "rotten" by their standards. (Me and Rotten Tomatoes quite often end up disagreeing about our movies, but I still wait for [ read more... ]

A Little “bit” Of Jesus – 10

Matthew 11.6 "Blessed is he who takes no offense at Me." ~ Jesus My life has felt like a slow-walk around the figure of Jesus. Like I'm purchasing goods and want to know that the product is agreeable. Except, Who purchased who? Now there's a strange paradox. He paid for me, but I have to take Him home. But, the reason I slow-walk is not so I can size Him up. No, I just want to see Him. Oh, I want to see Him. I've been around His body a few times, looked Him over one side, down the other, examined [ read more... ]

A Little “bit” Of Jesus – 9

I performed mental war over the decision to write about what happened in the early part of my day today. I don't want to expose this small story because I feel very ugly in it and nobody likes to feel ugly in front of other people. My mind played the litany time and again, "This isn't how you usually are, you don't need to tell anybody . . . " Well friends, you get my "ugly" in this post. Now, excuse me while I go put my head under a blanket - it's about to get embarrassing up in here. This morning [ read more... ]