12 Years and Why Are We Married Again?

There once was this man who bent himself over our married-feet and prophesied that thousands and thousands would gather around our married-love, but we didn't have much time to reflect on his seer-like vision because shorter then a month later our love shattered into a million little shard-sharp pieces. Oh. Well . . . we didn't see that coming. And our married-eyes still look back and marvel that we decided---in spite of ourselves and our choices and our circumstances---that neither of us was "going" [ read more... ]

how to know your heart

Let me tell you something about our boy, Gabriel. He harbors so much wilderness in his heart, it pours right over his aorta walls and floods through all his veins. I think he's part feral beast. Everyday he eats the rustic and all-things-nature like it's his final feast. This kid could live in the woods with nothing more then a hatchet and a bearskin and his fierce native cry. Dirt is his very favorite thing to wear and he actually swallows worms and grubs in preparation for any situation [ read more... ]

On Being Hijacked

Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! HI!!! HI!!! HI!!! Just short of three weeks since I've been here and did you miss me?! :) :::: Listen . . . I have so much to tell you and the fire I feel inside is burning a hole straight through my chest, trying to get out before the whole of me goes up in flame. It's just that the challenge will be in the delivery because not in a very long time have I felt so utterly engulfed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and when a body is this full with THE [ read more... ]

Storms . . . And We Need You?

There is a man I know and I would tell you first that he is mine and I am his. We all dance around to the profound life-music he makes and he is the completer of our family circle and there is no one, no one on this green and blue earthen-orb who could love me the way he does. If you were privy to our thirteen+ years of relationship history, it would be proof enough that there is a God. Because He gave us to each other. {The end.} These past weeks, this guy-o-mine has been a man bound to great, [ read more... ]

The Always Sky

It never gets old: the always sky, life's everyday-different backdrop. With a double rainbow behind our backs and this cloud creation before our front, we drove into the burgeoning weather to greet our camping destination, to greet our weekend memory-making. We assembled our outdoor pop-up homes in torrential sky-waters, laughing at the irony, embracing the adventure, watching five young dudes running as mad as their legs could propel them and yelling their barbarian lungs heavenward to bring [ read more... ]