Three Little Notes And Some Lowridin’

Someday when they're older then breast-height, they will have shot so high and flown so far . . . I am sure they'll go right past where the stars are born and be away from the under-shadow of my mother-wings and I will sit in this empty nest with my forlorn arms and remember the morning when I sat quietly in the living room with my good-morning-hands wrapped in reverence around the habitual-tea-drink, a Buechner book open on my blanketed lap while they were hush-hush busy in the kitchen and whispering [ read more... ]

Life Lately

In Adoption: This week past we shared fellowship with some friends who have travelled deep into the heart of adoption. Their arms are so wide-open and their hearts even more with the loving of two Littles from across the globe. We went to them with our story, how we came to be at this unexpected place and where on earth do we go from here (?) and heaven smiled on our coming together and exploring regardless of the outcome - there is no prescription in this process. But the thing I carried home right [ read more... ]

Expensive Moments

The rains came this morning when the dudes and I were outdoor adventuring through the New Haven cityscape. Nothing, and what I mean is that pretty close to nothing, makes my heart-joy rise higher then standing under warm water pouring through the clouds from heaven. This girl knows her favorite weather. The boys are on their bikes and I'm running alongside, just keeping up with their little pedaling-legs. We are making our way to the cupcake bakery two miles from home and we have never done this [ read more... ]