Adoption: An EPIC Update

The 200-year-old wood floor is unyielding beneath my bent legs; I'm writing this one from my knees, neck and fingers arched low and right now I have the kind of body that makes big Spirit-noise. Listen . . . God has something in His sleeve and thread by thread He's pulling that sleeve back and the small amounts of His skin being revealed chokes me up and falls me down. Soon we're going to see the whole cosmic arm stretched before us and behind us and moving earth with giant sweeping motions to [ read more... ]

On Being Hijacked

Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! HI!!! HI!!! HI!!! Just short of three weeks since I've been here and did you miss me?! :) :::: Listen . . . I have so much to tell you and the fire I feel inside is burning a hole straight through my chest, trying to get out before the whole of me goes up in flame. It's just that the challenge will be in the delivery because not in a very long time have I felt so utterly engulfed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and when a body is this full with THE [ read more... ]

New Kingdom ::

My darling girlfriend with the big baby-blues and long goldi-locks pulled me into her sacred yearly practice of intentionality---she gives a name to every twelve months, just one word to spotlight and I've been doing this now for the past five rotations around the Son. Last week I danced with the alphabet and wrote Celebrate; narrated to you the hope I have that this will be my new personal lens for the entirety of twenty-12. Would you know? Hubby and I thought this might be a worthy practice [ read more... ]