Dance On Trafficking

Come over here! Pull up a chair, my comrades, countrymen and co-conspirators . . . Because I've got something REALLY special (eeeeeeeek!) to share with you. (Wait for it . . .) I'm linking my arms and my heart with the good people at Love146 in their efforts to raise awareness and finances for the ongoing and arduous task of rescuing children around the world who are caught in slavery's net. Love146 runs a campaign every year called Tread On Trafficking, a global invitation for anyone who [ read more... ]

What Makes Me Insane

Do you know what I would like to will tell you today? I would like to will tell you that my heart [literally] burns a [metaphorical] hole right through my chest in reckless response to all the pressing and painful needs scarring our globe (I wish to God I could be a part of relieving every single one). I can't watch the news because whatever affliction my little eyes see and whatever sorrow my little ears hear always ends up with my little spirit getting ground down to powder, my little arms feeling [ read more... ]