What I’m Hungry For

Will you hear what I am hungry for? How I can eat moments like my first and last and only meal? Moments. Moments of stillness and quiet, with just enough length to take an extra breath, speak a gentle "I'm here, Abba" and be mindful that behind the air I inhale is another galaxy of meaning and mystery - it's heaven waiting in the wings for the sprinkling of God-children spread all over the earth to bring a piece of the celestial into earth-time. (Try it and see . . . With just one beautiful, [ read more... ]

I Am My Children’s Priest(ess)

It was the first thing I did when we started our at-home learning this year, I grabbed their three fledgling hearts and circled them with me on the living room rug and then my mama-body just had all these exhort-emotions lifting up from the soul and I spoke them strong and softly fierce-like over their growing heads---purposed Spirit-words that I don't even exactly remember now, but truly carried the essence and flavor of inspiring these God-sons into becoming more of who they are. Next to all [ read more... ]

Making Mama {and Papa} Art

My mama, she has stacks and stacks of them in her attic---scribed memories from our childhood. "Daily Communicators" we called them during our growing-up days. I remember, she would sit there at her desk during the shadow-hours when her home-world was dark and quiet and she would burn that candle low and bend her heart even lower as she poured love-words and holy-verse words and made funnies in the spiral notebooks with each of our names on them. She was sacrificial-love in flesh-form and the Spirit [ read more... ]

New Kingdom ::

My darling girlfriend with the big baby-blues and long goldi-locks pulled me into her sacred yearly practice of intentionality---she gives a name to every twelve months, just one word to spotlight and I've been doing this now for the past five rotations around the Son. Last week I danced with the alphabet and wrote Celebrate; narrated to you the hope I have that this will be my new personal lens for the entirety of twenty-12. Would you know? Hubby and I thought this might be a worthy practice [ read more... ]